Auto 101 for Crash Investigators

Bridging the automotive gap knowledge in Crash Investigations

You are a great investigator, can figure out impacts speeds easily, and perform time and distance like a guru.... but your automotive knowledge is lacking a bit.

Not everyone has had experience or training in all things automotive, which can make vehicles inspections a rather aggravating task.  In this course we will help you understand the vehicle, how it functions, how certain systems and parts function, and help you jump straight into your next vehicle inspection ready to conquer the task.


You need training delivered to you in an efficient manner that you will benefit from immediately.  We are here to do just that.  We're not interested in pumping you full of pointless worksheets or filler material to take up training hours so we can slap 32 hours on your certificate.

We're interested in helping you learn the ins and outs of automotive knowledge for crash investigation, preparing you to deliver justice to victims and provide closure to families.

We achieve that by providing you with high-quality training that teaches you technical material in an easy-to-follow and easy to understand manner.

Course Agenda

Day 1

On the first day of Auto 101 for Crash Investigators, you will be introduced to the course, automotive systems, and will learn the ins and outs of basic engine operation and function.

Day 2

On Day 2 we will finish up talking about engine systems and operations before we take an extremely in-depth look at braking systems.  You will know more than you ever wished to know about how a vehicle brakes, the components involved, and the process to push brake fluid from the master cylinder to the wheels.

Day 3

During Day 3 you are going to be exposed to the steering and suspension systems, the drivetrain, and we will take a different approach to calculate the acceleration of the vehicle using published numbers and Microsoft Excel.  You will finish the day by looking at the inspection project and completing virtual inspection projects.

Day 4

On the last day of training, you are going to learn all about electric vehicles.  We will spend some time on the subject since electric vehicles are becoming increasingly more popular with more on the roadways every day.  After that, we will take a brief look at semi-autonomous systems and how they function, before wrapping the course up with the end of course written examination.

Day 5

On the final training day, you will participate in virtual inspection projects where you will have to recognize, document, and interpret evidence of occupant contact on the interior components of the vehicles.  Once that is finished, we will head to the final end-of-course written examination and then finish up the final end-of-course administrative tasks.


 "This course provides great information about electric vehicles and regular Internal Combustion ENGINE-EQUIPPED vehicles. If your knowledge on vehicles and engines is little to none, I recommend taking this course."
Former Student- Attended Auto 101 for Crash Investigators
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Bobby J. Mullinax is a law enforcement officer and instructor from South Carolina.  He began his law enforcement career with the Spartanburg (S.C.) Police Department and has over 13 years of traffic-related experience.  He has investigated 1,500 crashes and reconstructed numerous crashes involving fatal and great bodily injuries.  He has also spent nearly 4,000 hours teaching collision reconstruction and traffic enforcement related topics to law enforcement and private investigators across the United States.  You may have already had the opportunity to catch him and one of the numerous conferences he has spoken at on the crash and crime scene reconstruction circuit or ready one his articles featured in the "Accident Reconstruction Journal" or "Collision Magazine".  In 2018, he became only the eighth individual in the world to be recognized as a PhotoModeler Ambassador. 

Agency Satisfaction Guarantee

Law enforcement agencies are pressed for time, personnel, and funding.  We understand that and to help our law enforcement partners out we offer an Agency Usage Guarantee that is like no other.  We guarantee the agency will benefit from this training by FINALLY being the group that offered TRAINING INSURANCE for law enforcement.
  • Learning: If your attendee fails to achieve a minimum passing score in one of our virtual courses, they will receive remedial coursework in the area of their deficiency.  They will then be re-tested.  If they again fail to achieve a passing score, they will be allowed to re-take the course in its entirety.  
  • Life Happens: If you begin training one of your officers with us and life happens, whether it is injury, sickness, or excessive obligation, and they will be unable to finish the course within the allotted time frame, we will place them in a holding pattern allowing them to restart the course at a later time when they are able to finish.  Alternatively, the registration can be transferred to another individual in your agency if the original attendee has completed less than 20% of the course.
  • Separation: Everyone has heard the, "What if we train them and they leave?", but "What if we don't train them and they stay" stuck between a rock and a hard place analogy before.  If you register someone in one of our virtual courses and they separate from your agency within 2 years of completion for any reason, you can register a new candidate for that course online, for free.  
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