You wouldn't choose a new patrol car without driving it... Why is online training different?
Test drive our virtual training portal and see how we handle video lessons, projects, tests, and more.  Just fill out out your email address and get instant access and when you're finished you will even receive a promo code to save you $100 off registration from any course we offer.
Making Other Portals Look Like Internet Explorer.
If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us one thing in the training world, it is that online reconstruction training (when conducted properly) can be just as effective, if not more effective, as traditional in-person training, and even after the pandemic is over, online training isn't going anywhere.  

If the flood of online training has taught us anything, it is that not all online reconstruction training or online reconstruction training portals are created equal.  

Don't get blindsided on training day number one.  Here at Crash Training Solutions, we were working on developing one of the best online portals training has to offer, long before the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to test-drive our virtual training portal and see first-hand how the course is conducted before you sign up for anything. 

Experience First-Hand How We Handle:

  • Nuts and Bolts: You'll get to check out the quality of our video, audio, as well as the reliability of our media hosting platform all while learning about the types of teaching aids we incorporate as well as how we maintain training integrity.
  • Lessons Involving Math: Some prospective students are nervous when signing up for courses dealing with math that are in-person, let alone ONLINE.  Let us crush uncertainty and let you see how we handle math lessons, practice projects, and how you can even get instant feedback on quizzes.
  • Hands On-Line: Think you can't do hands-on with a virtual course? Think again.  We've even added Augmented Reality to the mix.
  • Promo Code: You also will receive a promo code for $100 off any virtual course registration with Crash Training Solutions.
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