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Crash Training Solutions is dedicated to helping law enforcement officers and investigators better understand the crash reconstruction process by 
providing the most comprehensive, affordable, effective, and innovative online and in person accident reconstruction training courses anywhere.

Stop training and start learning.  At Crash Training Solutions,
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3 Ways to Learn

Receive the same high-quality instruction without having to spend additional money on travel, lodging, and meal costs.  You'll save enough money by completing the course online to go ahead and register for a second course.
Need to train (1) person in several courses?  We've got you covered with our course bundle.  Get access to all (4) advanced courses, conducted online, for one price.  Need to train the whole unit in (1) course? We've got (5) and (10) registration bundles for that also.
Crash U
Need to train a lot of people in a lot of stuff?  We've got you covered there as well with Crash University.  Currently in BETA testing, Crash U allows an agency admin contact to enroll as many people from their agency in as many of our online courses as they'd like.


Crash I - III

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Crash EVAL: Analyzing the Impaired Driver

Hate Seeing Impaired Drivers Get Off Scot Free?

Every investigator knows that impaired driving crashes can be challenging to prosecute.  You should arm yourself with the tools to be able to give your prosecutor every available means to demonstrate how the driver's impairment contributed to the crash.  This course picks up and delves deep into the skill of time and distance evaluations after your basic phases of reconstruction scratched the surface.  If you have ever struggled with completing  or understand a time and distance evaluation then this course is for you.  Instead of traditional worksheets and word problems, our course uses thorough explanation, case files, and animations to make sure you FINALLY understand the material.  You will also learn how to use Microsoft Excel to program individual worksheets which are specific to your crash.  While our examples during the course are geared toward impaired driving crashes, the information can be applied to any crash.

"I wish I had learned Time and Distance this way when I first started Crash Reconstruction. This course made it easy to understand and to be able to explain it to a jury."

Crash Analysis I - III

Basic Training for Reconstructionists

Do you need your basic phases of crash reconstruction? At CTS you can take all the necessary beginner courses, online or on-site.  Take advantage of the crawl, walk, run philosophy with these three courses with each course building upon the techniques learned in the previous phase.

Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Analysis

Pedestrian, Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboarders and More....

One of the most challenging types of crashes for investigators to analyze are the ones involving pedestrians and bicyclists. These types of crashes usually involve serious or fatal injuries, drivers that more than likely did not see or respond to the pedestrian/bike, and rarely offer an abundance of scene evidence.

In this 40-hour course you will learn how to properly investigate the scene and vehicle, methods to determine the general area of impact for the pedestrian, formulas that are specific to these types of crashes, issues related to time and distance, and it includes virtual field/crash testing to give a hands-on feel to an online course.

" This was a very good course that provided a lot of information and the way the topics were explained made it easy to understand and calculate the speeds."

Pedestrian/Bicycle Reconstruction 
Level II

2nd in the Ped-Bike Series

Pedestrian-Bicycle Reconstruction Level II builds on the principles learned in the Level I course.  While the principles themselves remain the same as Level I, you will be tasked with a 100% practical application of those principles in Level II.  You will participate in such tasks as damage profiling, injury documentation, light profiling, friction testing, and will reconstruct multiple real-world cases from case files.  

Motorcycle Crash Reconstruction

Reconstruct Anything On Two-Wheels

With Crash Training Solutions Motorcycle Crash Reconstruction course you will be prepared to reconstruct two-wheeled crashes just as effectively as you can reconstruct their four-wheeled counterparts, even if you have no riding or motorcycle experience whatsoever.  Learn techniques for determining the drag factor, braking efficiency, identify the type of motorcycle, and determine speed based on several factors including rider throw distance, vehicle crush, frame deformation, kinetic energy, and more.

Auto 101 For Crash Investigators

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Just because a crash investigator is highly skilled in physics, mathematical calculations, measurements, scale-diagramming and more, DOES NOT mean that they won't ask you to check their muffler bearings.

In this 24-hour course, the investigator will gain so much automotive knowledge they may even start changing their own oil...... Maybe. Either way they will learn about unibody and on-frame construction, suspension systems, braking systems, drivetrains, and more.

We will even cover electric vehicles in great detail in a module that we've been told is worth the price of admission alone.

" This course provides great information about electric vehicles and regular Internal Combustion Engine equipped vehicles. If your knowledge on vehicles and engines is little to none, I recommend taking this course."

Occupant Kinematics for Law Enforcement 

Who Was Driving?

It is unlikely that a law enforcement crash investigator will ever be allowed to testify the same as a biomechanical engineer. Why focus on things attendees will not be able to use?

In this 40-hour course, we focus on things LE crash investigators can do. We will cover proper evidence collection procedures, interior photography, injury documentation, basic injury analysis, basic human anatomy, Delta-V and PDOF, occupant safety systems, and FINALLY how to use everything we just mentioned and place an occupant back in the vehicle at impact. The course also has plenty of hands of projects to allow attendees to use their skills.

To make life and investigations easier, we are also giving you several sets of brandable forms to assist you in documenting injury, interior strike points, and more.

"This course helped me have a better understanding of the PDOF and how it relates to occupant movement in a vehicle. Great information and I could use the material right away in my work."

Digital Crash Scene

Way Beyond Crash Scene Photography

"Yeah go take some pictures of whatever you think looks important.... and be sure to take pictures on the vehicles, at least 8 of them, just take them at the four sides and four corners."

Did that remind you of the photography section of your reconstruction training that you took at [INSERT LOCATION HERE] ?

In our 32-hour Digital Crash Scene we take a deep dive into not only crash scene photography, but we will explore crash scene videography, creating 3D models of crash vehicles using photogrammetry, and for when things go wrong, recovering images from damaged SD cards. You know what's important on the scene, we're just going to a show you how to preserve it digitally.

Video Autopsy for Crash Investigators Level I

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Video Autopsy for Crash Investigators Level II

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Leveraging Technology to Solve Hit and Runs

Find the Car So You Can Find the Driver

You will never replace good old fashioned police work, but investigators can not continue to ignore 21st century technology and how it can greatly benefit them in Hit and Run Collision Investigations.  In this course you will learn how to leverage free or low cost internet marketing technology and successfully apply it to crash investigations.  You will learn how to conduct location based targeting ad campaigns, mass email campaigns, and finally how to create informational bulletins that people will read and share.

DECODED: Crash Basics for Prosecuting Impaired Drivers

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In Person Training Calendar

While we specialize in online training, Crash Training Solutions offers a limited in person training calendar

Take Us For A Test Drive

I mean, you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it right?  Not completely sold on virtual reconstruction training? That's fine, we were skeptics once as well.  We could offer an informative webinar on the subject but let's face it, you need another webinar or sales pitch like you need a hole in the head.  

So.... we're not going to do that, instead, take our portal for a test drive and learn about what sets us apart from EVERYONE else by EXPERIENCING how we set ourselves apart.
  • See and hear first-hand the audio and video quality of our online virtual             training. This stuff was not filmed by some guy in his living room.
  • Worried about learning math & physics concepts online? Experience                 our immersive approach and let us put your doubts to rest.
  • ​Our portal is not all videos and practice projects, we have hands-on as               well.  Find out how we have integrated 360-degree and augmented                   reality into our programs.

Agency Satisfaction Guarantee

Law enforcement agencies are pressed for time, personnel, and funding.  We understand that and to help our law enforcement partners out we offer an Agency Usage Guarantee that is like no other.  We guarantee the agency will benefit from this training by FINALLY being the group that offered TRAINING INSURANCE for law enforcement.
  • Learning: If your attendee fails to achieve a minimum passing score in one of our virtual courses, they will receive remedial coursework in the area of their deficiency.  They will then be re-tested.  If they again fail to achieve a passing score, they will be allowed to re-take the course in its entirety.  
  • Not For Me: If you begin training one of your people with us from the ground level, and during Crash Analysis Level I they decide that crash work is just not for them, you can transfer that course registration payment to another candidate.
  • Separation: Everyone has heard the, "What if we train them and they leave?", but "What if we don't train them and they stay" stuck between a rock and a hard place analogy before.  If you register someone in one of our virtual courses and they separate from your agency within 2 years of completion for any reason, you can register a new candidate for that course online, for free.  

Where Else Have You Found That Kind of Guarantee?

Free Training on the PodCast

Feel like it has been a while since you went through your first phases of crash reconstruction?  Rusty on your math calculations? Foggy on some of the terminology? Join us each week coming soon for the Crash Secrets Podcast where we will hit refresher topics, look at frequently asked questions, and do gadget/software/equipment reviews.  This is completely FREE and you can still benefit, even if you took your initial reconstruction phases elsewhere.
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